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Rock Star

Susan is the first electric violinist/singer to break through to the mainstream rock market in a big way. Her music blends metal, rock and punk, and her provocative electric violin solos are being heralded as:  “... the hottest thing to hit rock since Van Halen recorded Eruption! She’s like the Jimi Hendrix of the electric violin and her vocal style is vibrant and dripping with soul. She combines the artistry of Blondie with the raw power of Janis!!”*


Her second CD, Miss Conduct, garnered five Grammy Award nominations, for Album of the Year, Best Rock Album, Best Rock Song ("Why"), Producer of the Year (Rob Tomaro and Jason Zarnowski) and Best Instrumental and Vocal Arrangement (Rob Tomaro for “Why”).


Susan’s recent smash concert appearance at Webster Hall in Manhattan, along with her Grammy nods, have propelled her into the top five of ReverbNation’s Artists Trending in the New York City Area, a position she held for six months this past year.


Her killer performances on her 2015 tours knocked out audiences from Maine to Florida, and paired her with artists such as Lita Ford, Tantric and Soil.